Friday, July 13, 2012

Getting an SSS ID in Cebu

Getting an SSS ID for new and lost Id (Cebu SSS Office)

SSS ID is a valid Id accepted in all  our transaction so its really important to get the Id.
Mostly, what comes into our mind is the long queue of people in the SSS office so just by thinking of it,
it makes us lazy to go to SSS and when time comes that we badly needed it,that is the time that we head our
way to the office no matter how long the queue is.

In my case, my SSS Id was lost but it doesn't matter to me because that was the old Id. Today, SSS has unified Id system, an Id that is different from the old one. Heres what I did to get the Id in SSS Cebu office:

1.  Bring with you the following:
     photocopy of a valid Id at least one:
             PRC card
             Seaman's Book
     or  two photocopy of these documents:
            Driver's license
            Valid National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) clearance
            School or company ID
            Postal ID
            Senior citizen card
            Major credit card
            Voter's ID
            Savings account passbook
            Alien certificate of registration
            Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) member's record
            Certification from the Office of Southern/Northern Cultural
                     Communities or Office of Muslim Affairs  
           Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) card
           Barangay Certificate
           Philhealth card

    For lost Id, secure an affidavit of loss duly signed by an attorney. Affidavit of loss form can be
    downloaded in sss web site. Download the form, fill it up and have it sign by a lawyer. Bring this along
    with the photocopy of the ids listed above. Also bring some candy, food and water in case you get
    starve from waiting long hours and dont forget to fix yourself, your hair and face especially cuz you'll will 
    be photograph in any minute.

2.  Go to the form section, asked for E-6 that is application for social security card. They will give you the
     form along with the priority number. No need to fall in another line to get a priority number. Fill up the
     form and wait for your number to be displayed in the electronic board. Go to counter 1 when it is your
     turn and submit your form for screening.

    For lost/renewal Id, you to have to pay Php300 and dont pay yet unless you are told by the sss
    employee who screen you documents. They will give another form for payment.
3. After the screening, proceed to the ID Capture Section. You'll be photograph and before you knew it
    your finish. Your Id be will be delivered at your permanent address. I think it will  take about months
    to arrive. The lady in the id capture section told me to wait 8 months to 1 year, too long but I have no

So this is it, I hope this will give you an idea on getting an SSS Id in SSS  Cebu office. Just be patience
and if you want to finish early go to the office early in the morning. The SSS office will be open at 7am.



  1. Thank you sa imong blog. hehehe, okay ra.

  2. Pila ang bayad sa pa sign sa lawyer for affidavit of loss or any fees to pay during signature of the lawyer?

  3. ako 2 months na, pero wala man gihapon.. unsaon man kuni? need najud naku valid ID

  4. 3 to 8 months mana siya mo abot. iTry nalang ang stub imo ipa kita
    if naa ka gamitan.

  5. Is it okay mo kuha kog ID then wala nako na pursue og bayad ang akong monthly?

  6. Murag ma question lang ka na wala kay contribute pero pwde raman cgro.

  7. pede ra man as long as naa kay sss id number or kadtong E1 ipakita nimo